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Here at Chatterbox/Mingle espresso the coffee that we use underpins our commitment to deliver you the best possible experience when you order and drink your coffee Our specialty Blend, is a contract roast that was made after we worked very closely with our Roaster, a blend that uses only the finest micro lot coffees available. Our roaster and his team regularly visit these growers from around the world to ensure that only the best green coffee beans are used, further to this we also carefully consider farming practices, sustainability environmental impact and community programs when selecting our growers.

Our blend is a reflection on what we believe gives you the right profile and complexity when drinking your espresso or milk based drink; a slightly dark roast, which is full bodied, designed to cut through the milk. It carries a 5% Robusta from Sethuraman estate, now recognised as one of the best in the world.

This combined with our passion, experience and commitment helps deliver you the coffee experience you deserve.

We also have available a fine selection of single origin coffees for retail sale, that will meet and exceed your alternative brewing needs.

Chatterbox Catering

Catering available Monday to Friday

People work better when they’re well fed. Our catering kitchen is dedicated to pulling together the best ingredients to create delicious menu packages and platters and delivering them to the working folk of Belconnen and the CBD. We make it so easy. Ideal for corporate lunches, meetings, morning teas or conferences, the friendly Chatterbox Catering staff are all about tasty food, big smiles and making sure your day is a great one.

Cr 40 Cameron Avenue
(02) 6251 7453

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Chatterbox is so good at making coffee we can do it while we talk. That’s why we’re known as much for our friendly baristas as we are our outstanding coffee. We work closely with our roaster to create a blend which uses only the finest micro lot beans available and reflects how much we know you need a great cup of coffee. We serve food too – tasty, tasty food – made with top notch ingredients and served with a smile.

6:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
8:00am to 1:30pm Saturday to Sunday

Corner of 40 Cameron Avenue, Belconnen

Catering now available!

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